My name is Joanna Nalepa and I am founder of Nalepa Beauty Lash Academy (NBLA). I am a certified Lash Artist and Educator in Europe and North America with seven years of experience in lash extensions.

Since I was a little girl. I always have had interest for art and beauty. That’s why I have degrees in Architecture and Interior Design. However in art of eyelash extension I have found my true passion.

It wasn’t my goal to become a lash trainer at the beginning of my lash journey. However since 2018 many of my clients and friends have shown interest in becoming Lash Extension Artists. I was asked to provide training for them but I refused it at first because, teaching was out of my comfort zone.

A few people that I know have taken training course at some of highly recommended schools in the area, but at the end of their training they came to me with questions. They trusted my experience and knowledge and even after they took the course at other schools, I notice that I was the one who provided them with information and support.

At that point I decided to create a detailed training course, which teaches proper lash extension application and offers mentoring and support after taken the course. I will keep the manual up to date with information and standards in the lash industry.

It is an honor for me to be chosen by you from variety of lash educators. I am very happy to introduce you to Lash Journey and remember seven years ago I was there too! I understand you, your vision and what you plan to achieve in the future.

So let’s make the world better one lash at a time…


Joanna Nalepa


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